Envisaged Impact

Nursing practice is grounded in interpersonal relationships, therefore well-educated and prepared nursing students will ensure the delivery of safe and effective care. With the competences acquired during the undergraduate nursing course, they can enhance cooperation in multidisciplinary teams, promote better communication, and demonstrate leadership to improve patient outcomes.

Currently, nursing education is challenged to develop innovative and effective programs that align with current changes in health care. This project promotes the nurse’s education with a high level of emotional intelligence, competence, evidence-based knowledge, and professional autonomy. Educate our nursing students for Emotional Competences is fundamental to achieve this.

Clinical simulation as a pedagogical methodology is a reality in some participating organizations and the inclusion of Serious Games allows evolution in the development of technological tools for nursing students and support for academic teams less qualified with digital education so that they can adopt digital technologies and innovative approaches for teaching.

For Nursing professors and educators:

1. Professors will extend their knowledge about the specific social-emotional development of nursing students.
2. The trainers will be enabled with strategies to work with students for promoting resilience, coping skills and wellbeing.
3. The teaching staff will enhance their abilities of teamwork within an intercultural environment, so they will experience an intercultural competence raise and will exercise and will improve their research and training skills.
4. The staff will gain a better understanding of practices in adult education.
5. Promote the use of innovator strategies for nursing teaching trough the utilization of a serious game.

For the institutions and society (end users, patients, families, and communities):

1. A strong academic & research partnership.
2. Existent partnerships activated.
3. Strengthen the cooperation with universities from Spain, Italy, Malta, and Romania.
4. Optimizes health outcomes and health gains.